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Cozumel Snorkel, Snorkeling in Cozumel

How to snorkel in cozumel on your own?

The Caribbean Ocean off of Cozumel Island Mexico is absolutely mesmerizing and if you have already traveled to snorkeling in cozumel with cozumel snorkelCozumel, you know that the Island has the clearest water, which makes it a perfectenvironment for coral reef formation. Where coral reefs in Cozumel are present, so are fish, crabs, stingrays and other abundant sea creatures for Cozumel snorkelers to enjoy. We have created this Do it Yourself Snorkel Guide for Cozumel "Self-Guided Snorkeling in Cozumel Guide" visitors may take their own snorkel tour thanks to our Do it Yourself Cozumel Snorkel Guide. We do recommend our Snorkel tours for excellent snorkel sites no accessible by shore, that take you to Cielo as well, which is the most mesmerizing part of the Caribbean, off of Cozumel. Cozumel Snorkel Tours.

In Cozumel, all the gorgeous beaches are federally owned and open to the public, even the ones in front of hotels, homes or businesses. Therefore, if you have your own snorkeling gear, the choices of where to snorkel are endless and not limited to a Cozumel snorkeling boat tour. Check out our Cozumel Beach Guide & Cozumel Beach Chart to find the Perfect Beach locations to Snorkel or shore dive. Cozumel's shorelines slope toward the deeper part of the Ocean which provides miles of mesmerizng and spectacular Cozumel coral reefs and Cozumel snorkeling spotswhich are only a few yards away from Cozumel's shoreline.


STEP 1: Snorkel Equipment

Bring your own snorkel gear or rent gear with us and just request snorkel cozumel snorkel equipment for do it yourself snorkel tour in cozumel mexicoequipment for rent in our contact or reservation page. As with any water sport activity in Cozumel, lifejackets are recommended for your safety, especially if you are not a strong swimmer. Even if you don't know how to swim, as long as you have a lifejacket and someone with you at all times you could still go snorkeling in shallow locations in Cozumel.


STEP 2Getting Around Cozumel

Best way to get around Cozumel would be booking a Cozumel car rental, self-guided do is yourself snorkel tour in cozumelCozumel scooter Rental, or Cozumel bike rental. You can rent a car in Cozumel from our rental car Cozumel page orfrom www.Cozumel-Tours.NET Scooter rentals are available throughout the island but somtimes for a higher price. You may rent an exotic motorcycle such as a Harley Davidson or Sport Bike from Eagle Rider.

STEP 3: Choose a snorkeling spot.

Most vacationers snorkel on the southwestern shore of Cozumel where the waters are calmer. The easiest locations will be ones where fish and reefs are prevalent and rental facilities are right on the beach. Examples of popular snorkeling spots are in the waters at Dzul Ha, Corona Beach Club, Fiesta Americana and Chankanaab National Park. Alternatively, snorkel at a smaller beach, such as Playa Caletita just south of the lighthouse. There may not be as many fish, but you'll be more secluded.

STEP 4: Stay Alert for Signs

do it yourself snorkel tour in cozumelMake sure to always look for and read posted signs in reference toswimming at this particular Cozumel location and as well as the Cozumel beach rules. Observe any warning flags along the Cozumel shorelines. Red and black flags are indicators that you may not swim, or it is way to dangerous, no water activites or sports, meaning no snorkeling or shore diving. This may be due to strong currents, bad weather or shark spottings. These signs and flags are usually on the East site of the island where you wont snorkel anyway, but you want to always be safe. 


STEP 5: Snorkeling Procedures & Tips

Start at one snorkeling spot and snorkel to another and walk back, often on a sidewalk. For Example, begin at San Juan Reef, swim and snorkel north if the current is taking you north. In half of a mile, you'll arrive at Baraduda, where many fish are located. Alternatively, if the current is flowing south, start at Baracuda and snorkel south to San Juan Reef and walk back. The reefs are mostly very close to the shoreline, so youll never have to swim far to reach them. Some may get deeper, but most are shallow and always visible, due to Cozumel's amazing crystal clear water. On good days, the visibility has been recorded at about 120 feet.

We always recommend going with a professional Cozumel tour guide and we offer the #1 guides in Cozumel. Snorkel Cozumel without the large groups, so you dont swim into each other while snorkeling. The prices are actually lower and you get more time in the water, taken to much better Cozumel coral reefs and snorkel spots, since you have more time to do so. Check-out our Cozumel Snorkel Page to get more information about choosing a good Snorkel Tour in Cozumel Mexico.

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